Abstract Food Art #1: Lunch Time

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Food Photography: Props

In an effort to become better at food photography and adding more photos up on my blog, I decided to go on a trip to a couple of stores and hunt for props for my future food photographs. I want to make this post a part of a series of my food photography experience and lessons learned. Now to let you know, I don’t have experience in food photography. So, if you’re on the same boat, hop on and enjoy the ride. Now let’s get started.

Here’s the lessons i learned while shopping for props:

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Food Vlog: Cafe Lumiere Monterey, Ca

Address: 365 Calle Principal Monterey, Ca

Website: cafelumieremonterey.com

instagram @cafelumieremonterey

Valerie Guardiola- Golden Poet amd typography illustrator

instagram @val.erie.car.men

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Sean Brock Heritage: Chicken Simply Roasted in a Skillet Recipe

Today i am turning one of Sean Brock’s Recipe into a video tutorial. You can find this recipe in his latest Cookbook, Heritage. If you have been wanting a skillet but don’t know the best recipe to break in the skillet. well, here’s an easy and delicious recipe. The perfect reason to purchase a skillet. ENJOY!!! Happy Holidays!


Heritage book:


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